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The following are some tips for models to use to ensure their safety, these are not to be considered all inclusive, but simply a good overview. If a photographer claims to be working for a big company or campaign, and contacts you through your online networking profile, ask yourself these questions first: – Do I […]… Continue Reading

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This is model Angela Makeever, on location in Cleveland, Ohio. this was shot entirely with natural light.… Continue Reading

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This is male model Dade Mchaul, shot in currently popular style to make it look like a snapshot. I took this photograph at my old studio in Columbus, Ohio.… Continue Reading

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So you have built up a network, taken all safety tips and have started attending photoshoots. The following are some tips, that often seperate amatuer from professional, for how it comes to acting on a shoot. Don’t constantly be playing with your phone, texting and answering calls. You’re there to model, so just like any […]… Continue Reading

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This is model Claudia B. I shot it in my old studio in Columbus, Ohio. It is inspired off of the current trend of snapshot fashion.… Continue Reading

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These rules are only for people setting up shoots with Lazyi Photography, not general guidelines for all shoots, communication will always be key. 1 ) To confirm a time slot, I require a valid, working phone number. No time will be reserved until this happens. 2 ) No escorts, entourages or unnecessary people around for […]… Continue Reading

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Lazyi Photography is Cleveland, Ohio’s premiere studio for artistic and creative portraits, weddings and model portfolios. My blog posts will detail information about specific pictures, teach new photographers tricks, review equipment and offer models and photographers advice I have learned through the years. Please keep coming back, share in this community and let’s all create […]… Continue Reading

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