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These rules are only for people setting up shoots with Lazyi Photography, not general guidelines for all shoots, communication will always be key.

1 ) To confirm a time slot, I require a valid, working phone number. No time will be reserved until this happens.

2 ) No escorts, entourages or unnecessary people around for a shoot. This is not negotiable. I understand some people feel safer bringing another person along, but statistics show you’re more likely to be assaulted(or worse) by the person coming with you. I have literally hundreds of references, feel free to ask and I’ll point you where you can find them, I don’t find this insulting.

3 ) I ask you be on time or close to it(I run late sometimes myself, I’ve even been late to a photo shoot at my apartment) but if you are running late, call/text to let me know, so I don’t begin to pack up.

4 ) If we set up a shoot that involves you bringing wardrobe, I expect you to bring that wardrobe clean and unwrinkled, I have a steamer to fine tune the wrinkles, but if they come balled up, I will assume we’re shooting without the wardrobe.

5 ) I require a signed model release and proof of valid ID for all TFP/CD shoots.

6 ) I do not release unedited photographs, EVER. This means you can review the photos after a shoot with me, but I will not burn a CD/DVD of the images after the shoot for you to take home, I will not email you unedited pictures. This is because I shoot with a specific vision in mind, until I have a chance to finish each image, they haven’t met my vision.

7 ) I do not require nudity to work with me! Yes I have images with nudity, but I have many without nudity, I figure out each shoot individually, based upon a model’s comforts.

8 ) Almost everything is up for negotiation. There are some things I won’t compromise on, like safety, but there are things I will, most things can be negotiated.

This is Analena in the Leland Hotel in downtown Detroit. I love the destroyed piano room and had to “bump” a door to access it.