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I love my Motorola Android phone, I love the apps that let you customize the phone to best suit your personal needs. I have tried many different apps and these ones are my favorite ones for photography on the go. 1) Retro Camera: this app offers some fun filters for your photographs, these won’t make […]… Continue Reading

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If you are interested in modeling for Lazyi Photography, fill out this simple form and I’ll contact you if you meet my current projects. This image by Lazyi Photography was shot in Dayton, Ohio and is a fashion parody called “Yesterday’s Fashion”.… Continue Reading

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This is a black and white fashion portrait of model Alicia. It is purposefully overblown and blurry, to show a fashion image doesn’t need to be perfect. this was shot on location in Cleveland, Ohio.… Continue Reading

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This is model Claudia B. I shot it in my old studio in Columbus, Ohio. It is inspired off of the current trend of snapshot fashion.… Continue Reading

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