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I love my Motorola Android phone, I love the apps that let you customize the phone to best suit your personal needs. I have tried many different apps and these ones are my favorite ones for photography on the go. 1) Retro Camera: this app offers some fun filters for your photographs, these won’t make […]… Continue Reading

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If you are interested in modeling for Lazyi Photography, fill out this simple form and I’ll contact you if you meet my current projects. This image by Lazyi Photography was shot in Dayton, Ohio and is a fashion parody called “Yesterday’s Fashion”.… Continue Reading

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The following are some tips for models to use to ensure their safety, these are not to be considered all inclusive, but simply a good overview. If a photographer claims to be working for a big company or campaign, and contacts you through your online networking profile, ask yourself these questions first: – Do I […]… Continue Reading

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