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So you have built up a network, taken all safety tips and have started attending photoshoots. The following are some tips, that often seperate amatuer from professional, for how it comes to acting on a shoot.

  • Don’t constantly be playing with your phone, texting and answering calls. You’re there to model, so just like any other job, be there to work.
  • Be on time, if you’re running late give the photographer a call and let them know.
  • Don’t show up hungover/drunk. You think this would be common sense, but experience has shown otherwise.
  • If the photographer doesn’t ask for something specific, make sure your nails are neat, clean and nicely buffed or polished clear. This means fingers AND toes.
  • If there is going to be a mkae-up artist, make sure your face is clean, no make-up. If there isn’t going to be a make-up artist, and the photographer hasn’t requested a specific look, come with simple, natural make-up nd glossed lips, bring some make-up with you. Same for hair and hair stylists.
  • If you have been requested to bring clothes, make sure they are pressed and clean. Don’t show up with the clothes stuffed in a bag, and wrinkled up.

This is model Angie, playing around in a hoodie. I shot this late at night in a hotel in Detroit, Michigan.